About Southwest Pedal Power

Please check the “News” tab for current updates on the upcoming City meeting and our fundraiser event!

We look to bring local, experiential insight and thoughts from our community to assist our City in the decision-making process and implementation of bike lanes in our community.

Currently we volunteer to bring stakeholders together to consider:

1. Ideas and recommendations from the City for Upton Ave S, between Hwy 62 and Lake Calhoun.

2. Efforts to make W 44th St an east-west thoroughfare, between the Lake Harriet and Edina, connecting the business districts.

4. Efficiencies of implementation created by local resurfacing and infrastructure acceleration projects.

5. Other area priorities identified by residents, property owners, and the City of Public Works that is consistent with the Bikeways Master Plan.

We are working to improve our site.  Please leave a comment below, or through ‘contact us’.

11 Responses to About Southwest Pedal Power

  1. swpedalpower says:

    I support bike lanes on 44th and Upton, and Morgan!! Thanks, SWPP. See you out there tonight!

  2. Jason Walker says:

    Great meeting you last night at National Night Out. I am eager to stay in the loop on this project!

  3. Dane Hartzell says:

    Great to find your group. Let us know if you need any volunteers. My SW wish: I am a bike commuter living on 50th and Zenith commuting to 394 and Penn. the route north to work is a dream. I take Zenith all the way to Lake Calhoun bike path and then cut up to the Cedar Lake bike path. The way home (north to south) is a different story. Once I get to Lake Calhoun, the lake bike path runs the opposite direction so I need to ride on the parkway road. This road is very busy and narrow. It is the only time when I ride that I am truely concerned for my safety. Cars parked on the street are constantly opening their doors. My alternative is France Ave which is a considerable detour and also very busy. It seems to me that Lake Calhoun is a busy enough area that it justifies another counter clockwise bike path. Perhaps on the opposite side of the street. Seems like there is enough real estate too.

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  5. Jack Davis says:

    Upton ave S close to Lake Calhoun is a busy street and does NOT have the space for a bike lane!!! And I ride a bike too.

    • Ben says:

      Agreed! That is a road that is already dangerous enough with speeding cars and buses navigating a narrow street. Adding a big lane would only increase the danger for drivers and bikers alike.
      Generally, the experiments the city has been doing with putting markings for bike lanes in the middle of the driving lanes (e.g. Bryant Ave) seem to only make things more dangerous for everybody and would do the same here.
      Let’s make a safe passage for bikers that does not put them in overlapping proximity to auto traffic!

    • swpedalpower says:

      Hi Jack, thanks for your input. To ease your concern, we can assure you that there will be no dedicated lanes in the area you mention, and for the reason that you mention- the roads are not wide enough. The design for the area north of W 43rd St (after dedicated lanes through the business district) is for sharrows (shared road arrows). Sheridan is the road we are following, not Upton as it veers off. Sharrows simply designate the fact that bikes also use this particular route quite often, and to look out and beware. That will make it safer for both motorists and cyclists. If I haven’t answered your concern please don’t hesitate to reach out again. Best regards.

  6. Mark says:

    I have commuted by bike from Lake Harriet to downtown for years, and I agree with the concerns of Jack and Ben. That applies particularly to the stretch of Upton between 44th and 50th. As for sharrows on Sheridan north of 43rd, as a cyclist I have no confidence at all that drivers know what those mean or what they are supposed to do when they encounter a cyclist in the road. (And I admit that I, on my bike, don’t know what they mean or what I am supposed to do.) Those are a non-standard road marking with which most people are unfamiliar and which does not convey a specific instruction. For my own protection, I avoid well-traveled roads with markings such as those and take streets a block or two over that do not have heavy auto traffic.

    It will be interesting to hear the discussion tomorrow night at Linden Hills.

    • swpedalpower says:

      Thanks for this comment. Mark, you have touched on an important consideration that came through in our National Night Out outreach: that the sharrows treatment needs an education plan. We have already done some thinking on what this means locally (meaning for people that live and travel these roads most often), but we are curious what other thoughts there might be on how to effectively achieve this common understanding.

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