About Us

We are a small group of interested community members that work together to reach out to many stakeholders. 

Identified stakeholder groups we seek to reach out to include:

Local area residents

Local area businesses

City Council (Betsy Hodges, Ben Hecker)

Dept of Public Works Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinators (Shaun Murphy, David Peterson)

City Dept of Public Works Resurfacing Project (Chris Trembeth)

Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee

Minneapolis Bike Coalition

Park Board

Linden Hills Power & Light

Local events: National Night Out, Farmers Markets, neighborhood associations

Nice Ride

Included in our meeting sessions are:

Bill Dooley, local Bicycle Advisory Committee representative to the City of Minneapolis

Davis Gooch, former Linden Hills resident and bike commuter

Matthew Hitchin, Linden Hills resident and cyclist

Fred Mayer, Fulton resident and cyclist

Linea Palmisano, Linden Hills resident and cargo biking momma

Lisa Peterson-Bender, MN DOT and Lowry Hill resident

Susan Priem, Fulton resident and board member of the Minneapolis Bike Coalition

Victor Sanchez, Linden Hills/Whittier resident and bike commuter


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