Tuesday October 2, 2012

Please join in the discussion that the City is hosting at 7pm at Linden Hills Park Bldg (43rd/Xerxes).  After all of the effort/input/consideration that has gone toward this project, we hope you will show up to say favorable things about wanting this project implemented at last.

Saturday September 29, 2012

Please join us and bring your friends and family to our ONLY fundraiser scheduled for this project!  We will premiere the short (15 min) documentary we created about bikes, bike routes, and the contribution it can have for our local community.  6-8pm at 4309 France Ave S (Corner of France/Colgate).  Easy bike parking in our garage, and car parking along Colgate.  Pizza, beer (thanks Harriet Brewing!), root beer for the kiddos, and popcorn for the film.

Monday September 17, 2012

The City held a public session to discuss cycle track options for W 36th St and some preliminary designs for feedback.  Our interest in this project is that it could be an important connector between the City lakes and Bryant Ave, and that it may also have connectivity into the Upton/Sheridan route at some future point.  David Peterson shared designs for feedback and Southwest Pedal Power looked to enrich discussion with participants that had gathered.

Tuesday September 4, 2012

The Linden Hills Neighborhood Council (LHiNC) voted to make up to $25k of Neighborhood Revitalization Program income available for this project.  Hooray!  They are committed to making bike routes real in Linden Hills.

Thursday August 30, 2012

THANKS for showing up!  The final input session wrapped up last night.  What was encouraging was the consistent demonstration of support around the project by all but a handful of residents.  So many positive conversations and productive criticism that has helped to shape this project.  Your insight has been most helpful and is being shared with potential funding partners- the City, the neighborhood and business associations.  Please click both links for the full input, our scanner could not get it all in one document.

Input Summary, Part 1

Part 2

Saturday and Sunday August 25-26, 2012

Gathering input at the Linden Hills farmer’s market

Two more input sessions completed.  Here is a summary of written input from residents who attended a session thus far.

Friday August 24, 2012

Today we received the official notice of support, per a board motion, from the Linden Hills Co-op.  Thanks, everyone!

Thursday August 23, 2012

First of the posted resident input sessions.  Summary of input will be posted after
Sunday’s session!

Wednesday August 22, 2012

Today we did a short presentation to the Linden Hills Business Association, which was well received.  They are considering our request to use their very limited budget dollars (and perhaps do some more fundraising from members) to pay for the signage that would accompany the lane/sharrow markings within Linden Hills.  The signage is a very tangible, and necessary, part of the current design and will help to make the routes safe for cyclists and motorists alike.

Monday August 20, 2012

Five Southwest Pedal Power reps pounded a lot of pavement tonight, for door knocking deliveries of a Resident Engagement letter FINAL for LHills residents and Flyer for residents and posting 8-20-12.  Our target- everyone that lives on W 44th St and Upton Ave in the Linden Hills neighborhood.  We aren’t allowed to put this in mailboxes, and the best place is in each neighbor’s hand.

More introverted than gregarious, we are not the personality that is exactly cut out for door knocking… yet 196 fliers and invites are successfully delivered.  Often, we catch neighbors on their back foot, surprised that we aren’t out to “sell them” anything.

We were heartened to find so many skeptical door openers to receive us so positively, with comments such as “we bike all the time!”, “I bike commute to work 2 or 3 days a week now”, or “we are a 1 car family so this is good…”.  Of the very few frowns we came across, one felt this would increase traffic on her road, and one simply said it “wasn’t going to happen”.

We collapsed into Famous Dave’s for dinner and sharing, surprised at how much work that took.

Thursday August 16, 2012

SWPP presents to the Linden Hills Neigborhood Council (LHiNC) for the fourth time, updating them about business engagement thus far and upcoming deeper dives into resident engagement.  David Peterson from the City of Public Works joined us to present the designs and considerations.  Attendees indicated interest and enthusiasm for the project!

Wednesday August 15, 2012

SWPP presented at the Linden Hills Co-op Board Session.  Great discussion and strong support for 44th Street, as well as Upton/Sheridan!

Tuesday August 14, 2012

SWPP gave the Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) of the City an update on local efforts.  The BAC Engineering sub-committee passed a resolution in support of the Upton and W44th Street projects.  Click here for details.

SWPP received the strong support of Linden Hills Power & Light at their board session this evening as well.

Wednesday August 8, 2012

Great discussion and input tonight at the Fulton Neighborhood Association board session.  Thank you, Fulton, for your official strong support of this project!  Click for details.

Fulton Neighborhood Support Letter

Tuesday August 7, 2012

We hope to engage as many neighborhood residents as possible at the National Night Out events this evening!  See you there.


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