In response to inquiries about other streets of Linden Hills or Fulton: “How We Arrived at These Specific Streets for Linden Hills“.

Summary of four Community Dialogue sessions in Linden Hills:  In brief, a strong show of support with some anticipated concerns.  See the brief summary and longer input here:  Part 1 and Part 2.

Extremely relevant article: “How to Get Bike Lanes When ‘There Isn’t Enough Space’

Some inspiration on evolving our transportation system from Washington Post: “Want more bikers?  Build more bike lanes.

Minneapolis video about shared lanes.

Minneapolis video about different types of bike lanes

Current Street Resurfacing project maps

This YouTube video gives viewers a virtual (and often annotated) tour of taking W 44th Street east from France Ave, offering a sense of considerations involved.

YouTube video: Potential of going from 44th/Upton to Lake Harriet trails via W 42nd St.

More inspiration?  Grab some popcorn, cozy up, and enjoy the documentary “Urbanized“.  It is about the challenges of designing urban environments all over the world, and those who shape them.  Mobility, civic engagement, economic development and environmental policy are universal concerns.  Available through Netflix ‘play now’ feature or via iTunes.

Here’s a link to streaming sharrow photos. While many are not applicable for the MPLS context, you’ll see several good pictures.

Photos from the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (just search for sharrow)

Lesson Learned: The projects for W44th St and Upton/Sheridan would use a durable method of installation, that has proven to wear well in our City through tough winters.  This is why it costs a lot!  Resident input suggests that we want more than latex paint, which is quick to wear off.  Here is an example of a latex marking on Bryant and 39th street:

Lesson Learned


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